How to Fix Thx Spatial Audio Not Working

Spatial audio not working
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Check out the simple solutions to fix THX Spatial Audio not working issues on Windows 11/10 and run the tool perfectly on the system. 

The THX Spatial Audio software is one of the most advanced and helpful tools used by gamers. This software allows you to get the best gaming experience. The advanced 7.1 surround sound management options of the software provide superior accuracy of sound positioning, making your game come alive and providing the best sound properties while gaming.

However, some gamers complain that while using the tool, they faced THX Spatial Audio not working problems. Such problems are quite common and the process to fix them is quite easy as well. In this write-up, we will list and explain the same to you. Using these fixes, you can get rid of the Razer THX Spatial Audio no sound. But before that, you should know why such problems occur. Below has the answer to this query.

Why is My Spatial Audio Not Working?

The main reasons why THX Spatial Audio Razer is not working can be:

  • Outdated Windows operating system
  • Problems with Windows audio settings
  • Improper default device settings
  • Outdated audio drivers (most common)
  • And others

Fix Razer THX Spatial Audio Not Working on Windows 10/11

Use the below listed and explained methods to fix THX Spatial Audio not working issues on Windows 11/10. Try these fixes one by one until the issue is resolved and the software works properly.

Fix 1: Restart Your System

Firstly, to fix the Spatial sound not working error, you should close all the apps and games running on the system. This will allow all the temporary errors to be removed and the software will run just fine. However, if the problem persists after restarting, run the software and the game only. Do not run other apps or games in the background.

Try the next fix if this is not effective to fix Spatial Audio not playing errors.

Fix 2: Change the Default Device on Windows

Sometimes, you may forget to set the Razer THX Spatial Audio as the default device. Even if you have, the system may remove the same from the default device. Hence this, in turn, may result in issues related to THX Spatial Audio not working. To fix the same, you need to change the default audio device settings using the below procedure:

  1. Run the THX Spatial Audio app on your device.
  2. When the tool appears, click on the Audio menu.
    download and install the same
  3. Firstly, toggle on the Spatial Audio settings then click on Open Windows Sound Properties.
    Spatial Audio settings
  4. Under the Playback settings, right-click the THX Spatial speakers and select the option to Set as Default Device.Set as Default Device
  5. Now, under the Application Mixer section of the app, click on the drop-down menu under Output and select Spatial Audio.
    and select Spatial Audio

Now the software will run perfectly. However, in case of any errors, use the below fix for the Razer THX Spatial Audio no sound.

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Fix 3: Seek the Help of Windows Troubleshooting

If the THX Spatial Audio Razer is not working, you can also take the help of the Windows Troubleshooter. Ths Windows-integrated feature will help you fix the errors on the system and run the tool perfectly. Check out the steps below for the complete procedure:

  1. Press the Win+S keys and hit the Enter key after you search for Troubleshoot Settings.
    Troubleshoot settings
  2. When the utility appears, click on Additional troubleshooter to proceed.
    Additional Troubleshooters
  3. From the troubleshooters click on Playing Audio and then select the button named Run the Troubleshooter.
    click on Playing Audio to Run the troubleshooter
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions that may appear and fix the respective errors.

If you don’t seem to fix the Razer THX Spatial Audio no sound error, try the next method.

Fix 4: Update the Windows Operating System to the Latest Version

The next fix for THX Spatial Audio not working errors is a Windows update. As the tool is released by the developers according to the latest Windows patch. Outdated operating systems may affect the working of Razer THX Spatial Audio. Follow the steps listed below to update Windows and fix the error:

  1. Search for Check for updates on the taskbar search option and press Enter.
    Open check for updates from windows search
  2. When the utility launches and loads, click on the Check for Updates button. This will allow the system to scan for updates online.
    Check for Updates
  3. When the updates appear, download and install the same. Update every kind of optional, normal, and other system updates for accuracy.
    Download and install the updates

Try the next solution if the Razer THX Spatial Audio no sound/not working errors persist.

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Fix 5: Update the Outdated Audio Drivers on the System

Lastly, if none of the above fixes work to solve Razer THX Spatial Audio not working on Windows 11/10, then the root of the problem lies within the drivers. Either proper audio drivers are missing from your system or the same are outdated. Both of the cases are not good for your system and may cause audio-related errors. You need to download and update the THX Spatial Audio driver to fix the errors.

As the manual method to update drivers is complicated, you should use the Quick Driver Updater to do the same automatically. This tool is compatible with Windows devices and allows you to update all drivers with a single click. This includes audio, graphics, network, keyboard, and every other type of device. Apart from the driver update features, the tool also provides advanced options like driver update scheduling, driver backup and restore options, and much more.

Additionally, you can also ignore the updates of any driver if you want. Although we do not recommend that you skip the updates as updates help in increasing the performance of the system as well. Follow the below procedure to fix THX Spatial Audio not working errors using the Quick Driver Updater:

  1. Download the Quick Driver Updater firstly using the button provided below.
    Download Now
  2.  After the setup download is complete, install the same on the system to proceed.
  3. Run the software and let it scan your system deeply for outdated drivers. You may need to start the scan manually using the Scan Drivers button.
    Quick driver updater to Scan the system drivers
  4. When the scan stops and all the outdated drivers are listed on the screen. Click on the Update All button. This will update all the outdated drivers on the system including the THX Spatial Audio driver.
    Quick Driver Update - Click on Update all
  5. Lastly, restart the system when the software asks you to.

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THX Spatial Audio Not Working on Windows 11/10: Fixed

Here we conclude the solutions to fix THX Spatial Audio not working/no sound errors on Windows. These methods are expert suggested for quick error resolution. However, if any kind of problem persists, you can contact us using the comments section below. Ask your queries and we will come up and provide the required solutions for the same according to your system.

We appreciate your suggestions for this Spatial Audio not playing error resolution guide as well.

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