How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging [Easily]

how to fix ps4 controller not charging
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If your PS4 controller is not charging and no light is showing, then take the help of this article to find easy solutions to fix the error permanently. 

The controller of the PS4 or PlayStation 4 is one of the most important parts of the device as to play games on the game box, you need the controller. There are two types of controllers available for PS4 viz. wired and wireless. The wired controller can be connected to the PS console using the USB port. However, you need to connect the wireless controller manually from the PS settings.

To run the wireless controller, you need to charge the same. After charging, your controller will be up and about for you to play games. However, what if your PS4 controller is not charging? You won’t be able to play any game on the console anymore. But there is nothing to worry about.

These problems related to the PS4 controller charging but not connecting and no light are quite common. Due to one or more reasons, any user can face the problem. If you are one such user then we can help you. This article will list some of the best and most effective solutions to fix the problem.

Here, you will get the answer to why is my PS4 controller charging but not connecting and the solutions to the same. So, let’s proceed and have a look at the same.

Solutions to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Errors

If the PS4 controller is not charging, then try the fixes listed below to get rid of the errors. Try the solutions consecutively until the issue is fixed. All of these solutions are easy to deploy as well as safe.

Solution 1: Check the Charging Cable and Adapter

One of the main reasons behind the PS4 controller not charging is a faulty charging cable or adapter. If it’s been a long period since you replaced the charging cable and adapter, then you may face some problems while using the same to charge the device. Hence, you need to check the cable and adapter.

The first thing that you should look out for is physical damage. Due to regular usage of the cable and/or adapter. You may face the PS4 not charging controller errors. Hence, you should check if there is any physical damage on the cable or adapter like cracks, deep scratches, worn-out wires, broken adapter, etc. If any of such damage is visible, then this can be the culprit behind the error.

Additionally, if you have another controller, try charging the same with the adapter and cable. This will allow you to know whether the issue is with the cable or the controller. If the cable and adapter are unable to charge the other controller as well, replace the same after trying other fixes.

Note: Try to use the same cable for charging that came with the PlayStation Console or controller.

Solution 2: Check the Charging Port of the Adapter and the Controller

To fix the errors related to the PS4 controller not charging or no light, the next thing you need to do is check the charging port of your adapter and controller. Some excessive dirt or filth may halt the connection and cause charging problems in the controller. Hence, clean the port of the adapter and the controller. Blow some air, use a cotton swab to clean it, or use some other method to remove the interrupting filth.

If you can, check the integrity of the adapter by plugging in some other device if possible. Additionally, repeat the same process for the controller and see if you can charge the same with some other adapter. All this will allow you to conclude the reason behind PS4 not charging the controller and rule out the culprit (adapter or controller).

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Solution 3: Try Charging the Controller Upside Down

This method may sound bizarre but worked for some of the users to fix the PS4 controller not charging on the PC when plugged in and otherwise. You should try charging the controller upside down. This method, how far-fetched or insensible it may sound, can work for you. However, if the solution does not, try the next fix.

Solution 4: Reset your PS4 Controller Manually

If the above methods do not work to fix the PS4 controller not charging errors. Then you need to reset your controller manually to fix the problem. Resetting the controller will provide a fresh start to your device and undo all the faulty settings. Doing this will mean that all the settings of the controller will be cleared and then set to the default ones as installed by the manufacturer.

To reset the controller and fix the error of the PS4 controller charging but not connecting when plugged in, you need to find the reset button on the controller. The reset button is available on the controller in the form of a small hole below the L2 key. You need to press the button preset in the hole using a pointy object like a toothpick, pen, pencil, or otherwise. Press the button for a couple of seconds until the device powers down and powers up again.

PS4 Controller

Now run the controller and put it to charge to see if the PS4 not charging the controller when plugged in error persists. If it does, try the next fix.

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Solution 5: Use the Power Cycle of PS4

The manufacturers of the PlayStation console and controller added an option to power cycle the device. This option allows the residual power in the controller and console to drain out and provides a fresh start to the same. To do the same, firstly disconnect the power cord of the controller and console from the electrical outlet.

Wait for 20 minutes and then long-press the power button of the controller to drain out extra and residual power. Now plug in the charging cable to the controller to see if the problem persists. If the problem does not resolve, try the next solution.

Solution 6: Replace the PS4 Controller Batteries

The next solution that you can try to fix the PS4 controller not charging errors is to replace the existing batteries on the controller with new ones. Due to normal usage, your controller batteries may wear out. Hence, with worn-out batteries, you can not charge the controller and will face similar problems.

Note: Even if you replace the batteries of the controller, this act will not void the warranty of the device in any way.

Try the below fix if the solutions up to now fail to solve PS4 not charging the controller errors.

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Errors Related to PS4 Controller Not Charging, No Light: Fixed

We hope that after undergoing the above-listed solutions, you were able to fix the error related to the PS4 controller charging but not connecting. We recommend that you try these solutions one by one until the issue is fixed. Although the solutions are viable and can fix the errors. Sometimes the issue may persist due to other complicated manufacturing problems that you can not treat.

Under such circumstances, if the controller is under warranty, take the device to the Sony service center along with the bill or warranty card to get the device fixed or replaced. This will save you a lot of money. However, if the device is out of warranty, then replace the same with a new one.

If you have any queries related to the PS4 controller not charging errors, you can contact us using the comments section below for further assistance. We will get back to you as soon as possible with viable solutions. We surely appreciate your suggestions and constructive criticism.

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