11 Best Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaners in 2022

Best Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaners in 2022
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Find and delete duplicate photos automatically from your Windows devices with the help of the best duplicate photo finder and cleaner tools. Keep on reading to know about them.

Optimization is the only way to utilize resources judiciously and ensure consistency. One such way to judiciously utilize your device is by removing duplicate and similar-looking images. While there are numerous options available in the market to declutter your picture gallery and recover the lost storage space, given below are some of the best duplicate photo finder and remover software programs which you can utilize to get ultimate results. You can further ensure that the photos, which are to be deleted, are not important.

It’s common knowledge that finding and removing duplicate photos one by one from a gigantic digital collection requires a great deal of time, but with the best duplicate photo cleaner at your disposal, you can engage yourself in some other work while the app will do this irksome task for you.

Now, without any further ado, let us straight away head to our curated list of best duplicate photo removers 2022 that will help you find and remove duplicate images in no time.

List of Best Duplicate Photo Finders & Cleaners for Windows 10/8/7

Given below is the list of the best software to find and remove duplicate photos from your computer. Scroll through the list and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Quick Photo Finder
Quick Photo Finder

Quick Photo Finder is, without doubt, one of the best duplicate photo finder software for Windows 10 and older versions that can help you in finding each and every duplicate image hidden in your image gallery. With this intelligently programmed application, you can effortlessly delete all the space-hogging duplicate photos or selfies in a New York minute.

It’s also capable of scouting photos that looks same but are not the exact copies of each other. It provides a feature to auto-select all duplicates and also allows you to preview scanned results in order to double-check that the images that you’re about to delete are not significant.

It is only because of this best duplicate photo cleaner that it’s been possible for the end-users to delete duplicate pictures so easily and without any hassle.

Key Features of Quick Photo Finder:

  • This duplicate image finder uses the most advanced algorithms to find dupes.
  • It lets you set image matching criteria to improve the accuracy level of search results.
  • It categorizes the identified duplicate & similar photos in neatly organized groups.
  • It lets you auto mark all the duplicate images with one click of a button.
  • It lets you preview scanned photos before you delete them.
  • It helps release a good amount of disk space in just a single click.
  • It supports all popular and major image file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more.
  • It also works perfectly with external devices like pen drives, USB flash drives, etc.

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2. Best Duplicate Photo Finder
Best Duplicate Photo Finder

Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows is one of the most brilliant and best apps to clean duplicate photos. It offers a multitude of features that helps find duplicate images with 100% accuracy and saves a lot of your precious time. It scans all major types of image formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) for a more effective and safer search. Not only this, you can use this duplicate photo cleaner software to remove duplicates supported with the name, size, date, and type, etc.

With the help of this amazing app, you can conveniently find the useless copies of deeply-hidden duplicate photos and delete them with just a click of a button. This helps in freeing up valuable storage space on your device which results in the improvement of your device’s performance.

It uses smart algorithms to identify duplicates which makes it the most appropriate and best duplicate photo remover app of 2022.

Key Features of Best Duplicate Photo Finder:

  • The best photo duplicate finder software helps get rid of exact & similar-looking duplicate photos with just one click.
  • It boasts a quick and effective scanning engine for accurate results.
  • It provides numerous filtering options to find duplicate images.
  • It lets you preview duplicate photos found in the scan to reduce accidental deletion.
  • It helps recover a huge amount of disk space by deleting useless copies of photos.

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3. Easy Duplicate Finder
Easy Duplicate Finder

The next software on our list of best duplicate photo cleaner tools is Easy Duplicate Finder. As the name implies, it is the easiest duplicate photo finder and cleaner software to use in the market as it requires users to perform only three simple steps to locate and remove duplicate pictures from their devices. It offers quite varying options which include several scan modes for many types of searches which further includes file search, music, and contacts. Additionally, this duplicate cleaning utility allows you to restore the incorrectly deleted duplicates within some simple steps.

With the help of Easy Duplicate Finder, you can also set filters for image size and extensions to make your life convenient and easy-going.

Key Features of Easy Duplicate Finder:

  • The software offers 10+ scan modes to detect all kinds of duplicate files.
  • It boasts to scan duplicate photos, videos, and other file types with 100% accuracy.
  • It lets you take a glance at all the scanned files before deleting them.
  • It helps restore accidentally detected images and other files using the ‘Undo’ option.
  • It lets you scrape away duplicates even from cloud-based solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is one of the fastest and super-efficient tools to sweep away duplicate photos. This application helps de-clutter your picture gallery by removing duplicate and similar photos in a quick, effortless, and efficient way. This mind-blowing app helps in comparing two images that are duplicate, in results side-by-side so that you’ll be able to delete them without any confusion.

The benefits don’t end here, the app also has numerous scanning modes to identify duplicates. The scan modes are as follows; Same Subject, Sector Detail, Folder Comparison, Lightroom, Picasa, and PaintShop Pro.

The best part about the Duplicate Photo Cleaner tool is that in case something is wrong photos can be restored from the trash. There are some other noteworthy features too that make it stand out in the list of best duplicate photo finders for Windows 10 and older OS versions.

Key Features of Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

  • It uses a content-based image comparison algorithm for safer and more accurate results.
  • It helps find duplicate pictures and delete the ones you don’t need within a few minutes.
  • It lets you compare images in two or more different folders.
  • It helps search for identical photos in the Adobe Lightroom catalog.
  • It allows you to find an element from one picture in various different images.
  • It boasts an embedded photo viewer that helps compare duplicate images side by side.

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5. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

One highly appreciated duplicate image remover software, the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder stands out on the market thanks to its excellent accuracy and simple-to-use interface. If you wish to remove exact duplicate and similar photos on your Windows computer, then this is the best app you can opt for.

It is super powerful and surprisingly, within a couple of minutes with this app, you can scan duplicate and similar photos in thousands of directories available on your laptop or desktop system.

It further displays the real-time scan results and enables you to have a preview of them. You can then delete all the duplicate images with a single mouse click and enjoy free space. Now, let’s have a look at some of the other essential features that make it the best free duplicate photo finder app to try in 2022.

Key Features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder:

  • It is a completely free duplicate picture cleaner tool.
  • It supports the following image types: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and CR2.
  • It lets you scan for duplicate photos in network drives and removable storage devices.
  • It allows you to compare resized or edited images side by side.
  • The application is 100% safe and free of viruses.

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6. Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder
Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder

As the name of the software itself makes you aware of its functionality, Duplicate Photo Finder enables you to search and remove identical pictures present on your Windows device quite accurately.

With its robust algorithm and smart orientation, it can compare and analyze duplicate pictures from the image gallery within a few minutes. Some of the other highlights of this software that make it one of the best duplicate photos cleaners for Windows is that it works smoothly without any bugs.

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder is one of the most used duplicate photo remover software worldwide because of its ability to find out deeply hidden dupes in no time, even if they are rotated, flipped, or resized.

Key Features of Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder:

  • The software supports more than 60 image formats, including JPG, RAW, GIF, etc.
  • It helps find similarities in photos even if they are edited, resized, rotated, or flipped.
  • It lets you exclude specific photos or entire folders you don’t wish to scan.
  • It lets you view and compare duplicate photos side-by-side using a built-in image viewer.
  • It allows you to automatically mark duplicates based on date, drives, folders, and more.
  • It offers lots of matching parameters to customize the search results.

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7. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Like every other tool on this list of best duplicate photo finders & removers for Windows 10 or lower OS versions, Remo Duplicate Photos Remover for PC is capable of identifying and deleting identical or similar photos on your devices.

It comes with an excellent de-dupe algorithm that makes it convenient for users to delete duplicate photos of any format like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and many others.

There are some more advanced features available to sort out the scanned results or preview image files for example. Another thing we appreciate in this duplicate image cleaner tool is the fact it works well on any Windows operating system version from XP to Windows 10.

Key Features of Remo Duplicate Photos Remover:

  • The interface of this tool is pretty straightforward, ideal even for less experienced users.
  • It contains lots of handy filters to help users customize the scanning & removal process.
  • Along with exact duplicate photos, the software helps locate resized and similar-looking pictures.
  • It helps optimize and free up hard drive space occupied by duplicate pictures.
  • It supports the deletion of dupes from both internal as well as external hard drives.

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8. PictureEcho


Another impressive option for the best free duplicate photo finder tool that you shouldn’t miss is created by Picture Echo. It boasts a solid amount of features that may seem useful for anyone looking to declutter the digital photo library. With the help of this tool, you can delete duplicate and similar pictures from multiple drives including storage devices such as USB flash drives or even network or mapped drives.

As opposed to some other duplicate picture cleaners it comes with a special scanning mode for helping users scan their Adobe’s Lightroom photo collection for duplicate and similar photos. Let’s check out the other things that make PictureEcho the best software to find and remove duplicate images on Windows PC.

Key Features of PictureEcho:

  • It clears the disk space by detecting duplicate photos and removing them from the PC.
  • It helps you select pictures based on your priority such as size, location, resolution, etc.
  • It provides access to four different similarity levels for identifying dupes.
  • It lets you move all the detected duplicate images to a specific folder of your choice.
  • It lets you view the details of the duplicate photo scans you’ve carried out in the past.

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9. Duplicate Image Remover Free

Duplicate Image Remover Free

Developed by ManyProg, Duplicate Image Remover Free is indeed the best Windows duplicate photo finder. The interface of the tool is packed with a plethora of features and yet it’s quite easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can get the best out of this software and organize your photo gallery.

What makes the tool so good is its ability to deep scan the PC. With its smart algorithm, ManyProg Duplicate Image Remover software looks for similar and duplicate images in your entire system memory. Now, you can either keep the images you want or delete them with a single click. And that is not all, with some advanced features you can manage the photos on your device without putting in much effort. Read more about the features of this tool below:

Key Features of Duplicate Image Remover Free:

  • The interface of the software is minimal, clean, and user-friendly.
  • It comes with two scan modes: similar images or strictly identical.
  • It shows a preview of duplicate images that have been detected in the scan.
  • It helps perform a high-speed search for similar images in multiple folders or hard drives.
  • The software requires very limited system resources to work efficiently.

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10. Duplicate Photo Finder by FirmTools

Duplicate Photo Finder by FirmTools

The next name on our list of the best free duplicate photo finder and cleaner software is the Duplicate Photo Finder by FirmTools. Just like any other similar tool, the Duplicate Photo Finder by FirmTools is also a computer storage-organizing utility for Windows. With the help of this tool, you can look for similar or duplicate images very quickly.

The smart AI of the tool allows you to scan the desired driver or folder for duplicates and remove them if required. Another great thing about this tool is that as you delete the duplicates it not only creates more storage for your PC but also helps in improving the systems’ performance as well. Have a look at the features of the tool to know more:

Key Features of FirmTools Duplicate Photo Finder:

  • The software is quite simple-to-use and nicely designed.
  • It comes with powerful search mechanisms to provide the most accurate duplicate image scan results.
  • It provides various adjustment options for customizing the scanning process.
  • It lets you review all the detected duplicate images side by side.
  • You can exclude smaller-sized images from the scan procedure.

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11. Glary Duplicate Cleaner

Glary Duplicate Cleaner

A highly capable duplicate photo cleaner tool is created by Glarysoft. What makes this little program one of the best duplicate photo finders and removers available in the market today is its ability to deep scan your computer’s hard drives for all types of files.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner offers the most comprehensive set of tools so you can conveniently hunt down multiple copies of similar photos, music, videos, word documents, and more.

In terms of the user interface, the developer did a solid job with this duplicate picture finder tool. Another advantage of this tool is that it’s completely safe to install and use.

Key Features of Glary Duplicate Cleaner:

  • It comes with a concise interface along with a bunch of useful file management options.
  • It lets you perform a quick search for all kinds of duplicate files.
  • It provides Ignore List option to add images you do not wish to delete.
  • It offers numerous custom matching parameters to help you find duplicates based on file type, size, date, etc.

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Delete Duplicate Images Automatically with Best Duplicate Photo Finder 2022

Given above is the comprehensive list of best duplicate photo finders and cleaners for Windows 10, 8, 7, and older operating system versions. With the above apps, you can very easily find and remove duplicate photos from your device and enjoy some free space. If the above list was helpful, then let us know through the comments section provided below. You can also share your suggestions and opinions there. We would be glad to hear from you.

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